Maxwell DeMers



Things that are going on now in my life.

House Renovations

After moving out of the bay area to work remotely full-time, my wife and I have started a ton of house renovations. Not sure if we took on too much at once, but so far so good.

So far, we've tackled painting, some modest tiling, and laying sod in the backyard. Working on the master bathroom next.


Really excited that Google Stadia is ramping up, slowly, with bigger releases and promised features. The prospect of never having to buy a console again, wait for downloads, and to be able to play ubiquitously on several devices, is very appealing.

Specifically, I am bouncing around between the Final Fantasy 7 Switch port, Final Fantasy XV on Stadia, and watching my wife play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Just finished The Eye of the World, the first book in the The Wheel of Time series.


To reach my larger goals of finding more freedom with regards to time and finances, I've started Amy Hoy and Alex Hillman's 30x500 Academy.

I've gone through the first 30%, and am really enjoying it. Putting into practice their research driven approach to selling products is difficult at first, but I think it will be worth it.


I love my OneWheel. I saw them first from Joel Hooks and thought it was a cool alt-transport device. I am all about alternative forms of transit. 🚲⚡ Death to our car dependency! So, I got one, and ride it all the time. It's genuinely a lot of fun.


I've taken my physical health more seriously lately, and have been exercising regularly to build muscle. I do everything I need to with this set up. 💪