Maxwell DeMers



I like to hustle. I like the feeling of progression, learning new things, and just feeling like I am growing in new ways.


I currently work as a software engineer at PayPal. I used to work on a product team where we facilitated charitable transactions, but now work on the web platform team. Recently, I've been working on some great tooling around our CDN providers to embrace the JAMstack.

Before I joined PayPal, I was a financial statement auditor for KPMG (no, KPMG is not a radio station). I worked on a lot of cool clients on in Silicon Valley. You can read about my transition in my post Auditor to Engineer.

Life and Fam

I received my undergrad in Accounting at BYU-Idaho in Rexburg, where I met my wife Kimberly. We were married in 2013, and had our first child in 2015 when I started working at KPMG. We now live in Elk Grove, CA and enjoying our young growing family together.

We stay pretty active on our Saturdays, trying to get out and explore the outside as much as we can.